Report Calls For 20MPH Zones

5 June 2013, 08:46 | Updated: 5 June 2013, 11:03

There are calls to lower the speed limit on Bournemouth's residential roads to make them safer for cyclists.

The town is ranked among the most dangerous in the country outside of London for cycle injuries.

More than 60 people a year on average are admitted to hospital in the town after a cycle injury.

A new report - for the Bournemouth Cycling Forum - is recommending 20 mile an hour zones enforced by average speed cameras and giving cyclists more space.

Public health expert Lindley Owen is behind the study and said:

"Bournemouth's almost at the top outside of London for injuries to cyclists. It's not because Bournemouth motorists have any more evil intentions towards cyclists, it's something to do with the way the town is designed."

He says lower speed limits can be easily enforced:

"Throw an electronic cordon around an area which will automatically sense if any car driver is going to fast so it will take the pressure off police.

"If we do (make roads safer), we know a lot more people would change and cycle for short journeys. It's also a cheaper and healthier alternative to driving a car."

The report was presented at a meeting on Tuesday evening and it is now expected a committee set up will draft a motion to be taken to full council for consideration.