Rustlers Steal 160 Sheep Near Wareham

5 November 2013, 17:12

Police are hunting thieves following an incident of sheep rustling in Dorset.

Around 160 sheep were taken from a field near Wareham over the weekend.

Dorset Police said the thieves would have needed a large vehicle to move the animals and would have also had an understanding of livestock.

The incident happened between 8am on November 2 and 2.30pm on November 4 at a field next to the A352 between Wool and East Stoke.

Pc Adam Taylor, who is appealing for witnesses to come forward, said: "The thieves would have needed a good understanding of livestock and used a large vehicle, possibly a six or eight wheeler type lorry, to move the sheep.

"I am appealing to witnesses and anyone who may have seen any unusual activity in the area around this time.

"All the sheep had colour markings and were electronically tagged. If anyone has been offered sheep in unusual circumstances or for very low prices please contact the police on 101.''