Sexual Abuse In Weymouth

19 February 2010, 05:19 | Updated: 22 February 2010, 05:19

A young people's support group in Weymouth say they're seeing up to 40 children a week needing help with problems like sexual abuse.

Waves in St Mary's Steet offers councilling and advice on drug and alcohol issues, family mediation and parenting.

Last week a 52 year old man was jailed for nearly 4 years for abusing a 14 year old girl in Weymouth.

Cristine Rymer from the Waves Project told Heart it can be really hard for victims to speak up:

"They blame themselves and it could be that they're being blackmailed emotionally. It's very easy to say 'just talk to somebody' but when you feel it's your fault you actually can't do that."