Six Heath Fires In Five Days

Heart's found out there have been six heath fires in Dorset in the last five days alone.

One on Talbot Heath near Bournemouth on Saturday came dangerously close to homes, but luckily no one was hurt.

It's believed most of the fires were started deliberately.

The warm weather's not helping as the ground's already dry.

Now the Dorset Wildlife Trust is stepping up its neighbourhood-watch style Heathwatch scheme, which sees local people out and about this season, helping to act as extra eyes and ears for the wardens.

Volunteers are trained on what to look out for and who to contact if they see any potential problems or suspicious behaviour, and it is hoped that they will also act as a deterrent to potential arsonists.

It has been made possible thanks to the Upton Heath Appeal fund, which now stands at over £50,000.

Last year, a massive part of Upton Heath near Poole was destroyed by fire, which was started deliberately.

To volunteer for Upton Heathwatch, please visit or ring 01202 692033.