Smoke Alarms Save Family Of Six

At 6pm on August the 31st, firecrews were called to a property fire in Acland Road in Charminster.

Crews from Springbourne and Redhill Park responded within five minutes and were confronted by a fire in a first floor bedroom.

The family of six had evacuated the property when we arrived and we were informed of a fire in a child's bedroom. The fire was extinguished using two sets of breathing apparatus and one hose reel, however, the room of origin was severely damaged by fire. Thankfully the rest of the property had limited damage due to the internal doors being shut.

The family were alerted to the fire by several smoke detectors fitted by Dorset Fire and Rescue Service. This early detection allowed them to escape from the property unhurt. The Red Cross Fire and Emergency Support Service, based at Springbourne fire station, also attended the incident and supported the family.

White Watch Manager at Springbourne fire station, Dave Prior said: "Without a doubt, the presence of smoke detectors enabled the family to safely exit the building and avoid serious injury. Without the speedy exit of the property I believe we would have been dealing with a much more serious incident."

He added: "We would urge people to close all internal doors before they go to sleep at night and make sure they have a working smoke alarm. Remember you can ask for a free Home Safety Check from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service, where we can either visit you in the home or send you some simple guidance to allow you and your family to be safer. Please contact us on 01305 252600 or go to"