Spectator Venue Approved For Weymouth

The Planning and Traffic Committee of Weymouth & Portland Borough Council has approved a planning application to erect temporary structures at the Nothe Gardens for the Olympic Sailing events in July / August 2012.

The application specifically covered the erection of temporary structures including tents, cabins and fences that are required to create a proposed spectator viewing area for the Olympic Sailing events at the Nothe Gardens, Weymouth.

These temporary structures will be removed directly after the 2012 Olympic Games. LOCOG will be responsible for restoring the site to the condition it was first lent to them in and for making improvements to the facilities including footpaths and public toilets.

The Nothe has been selected as a ticketed spectator viewing area because of the excellent opportunity it provides to view the sailing events, especially as the medal race course is close to the shore.

The area will accommodate up to 4,600 people per day in the Gardens, Fort and on the grass banks for the duration of the sailing competition which runs from 29 July 2012 to 11 August 2012.

Councillor Howard Legg, W&PBC Brief Holder for Special Projects commented on the decision:

"The use of the Nothe has been a contentious proposal overall, but the Gardens will only be out of use for a short period of time covering this strategically important event. The Council as landowner made the decision to lend the Nothe to LOCOG earlier this year and had to balance the views of people with opposing views, and take into account a number of important considerations."

"The approval of the planning application for the siting of temporary structures is a critical stage in the project being taken forward by LOCOG with continued consultation with the Borough Council. Clearly a successful and managed ticketed spectator experience for the 2012 sailing will not only make Olympic history, but also provide a safe and secure event with positive economic benefit and legacy".