Student Designs 'Unbreakable Umbrella"

A student from Dorchester has invented what he claims is an unbreakable umbrella.

27-year-old Simon Warne was inspired to create the 'Brollii' after standing in a museum queue in Paris when it started raining.

"I noticed everyone trying to get their umbrellas up and poking people in the eyes and flipping inside out and I just thought there must be a better way of doing this."

His creation looks like an upside down umbrella which opens over the top of other peoples heads and is designed so that water runs down into its handle.

The structure is also made of a flexible material which moves with the wind so it can't be pushed inside out.

The Brolli was made as a university project but Simon wants to take it further. He has put in a patent application and wants to sell his product in the shops.