Swearing Parents Face School Ban

Parents could be banned from a Bournemouth school if they're caught swearing in front of children.

The headteacher at Pokesdown Primary says she's had a few reports recently about bad language outside the school gates, and says she will ban parents if she has to.

In the latest newsletter on the school's website, Vivienne Arkell says: "On a very serious note I am continuing to receive reports that some parents are using bad language outside the school gates in front of their children, I have had two concerned parents to see me this week, I am doing my very best to ensure all parents are aware of their responsibility to be respectful at all times to the parents and children of the school. 

"Please inform the school immediately if anything happens so that I can take appropriate action, I have recommended that parents should contact the police if they are unhappy about parents conduct outside of the school grounds. 

"Any parent who causes concern in this way will be asked not to enter the school grounds until the situation is resolved. We have a wonderful school and we thank the 99 per cent of parents who support us every day and are positive role models."