Teacher Jailed For Abusing Pupils

A former Dorset teacher has been sentenced to four years for sexually abusing pupils at a school near Christchurch.

Adam Gutteridge, 38, of Earsfield Road, South London, was sentenced on Friday 21st September to four years imprisonment at Bournemouth Crown Court after having pleaded guilty to ten offences of sexual abuse.

It involved three teenage girls while he was a teacher at Highcliffe School in Dorset. 

Following the sentence, Simon Jones, Senior Crown Advocate for the Crown Prosecution Service Wessex said: 

"Adam Gutteridge grossly abused the position of trust he had while he was a teacher at Highcliffe School by sexually abusing three teenage girls. 

"Gutteridge was newly qualified when he began his career at the school in September 2002. He started abusing a 15-year-old pupil through online communication and the pretence of helping her with maths studies. He groomed her in order to obtain sexual gratification. 

"He also sexually abused two other young girls. He used their innocence and vulnerability to his advantage, confusing them and making them think that he was their boyfriend. 

"In 2007, he left the school and it was when he appeared in a TV advert, that one of his victims recognised him and brought back the terrible memories she had of his abuse. 

"The other two victims also came forward and today we would like to thank all of them for their courage. Without them, Gutteridge would have not been brought to justice for the crimes he committed against them. 

"We know that his abuse has had a devastating impact on the victims lives and we hope now that they will be able to move on."