Tesco Considers Buying Church

10 April 2010, 08:00

Tesco say they want to buy Westbourne Methodist Church, so they can open it as one of their Express stores.

The church, on Poole Road, has been on the market since 2008, and planning applications have already been approved so the building can be turned into a shop or a bank.

Heart spoke to businesses in Westbourne area about what they think of the plans. Rob Forbes, who owns the Spar franchise in Westbourne, said: "The other traders will suffer, not only us. We're all competing, so Tesco is definitely going to take a bit from all of us.

"It will definitely harm this place, but that's competition, and if it comes, we'll have to meet it head on and see what we can do"

Whilst newsagents like Spar may feel the pressure of competition, other shop owners have welcomed the news.

Matt, who owns the Poppy Mae cafe reckons having a Tesco will be a good thing for the area, and that independent shops shouldn't worry: "Being an independent, you should be ten times better than the Tesco, you should be good at what you do. Tesco is just a convenience; nothing more, nothing less."