Three-Year-Old Falls Out Of Bus

An investigation's started after a three-year-old girl fell out of a bus' emergency door.

It happened on Saturday afternoon on Stour Road in Christchurch. She was with her gran at the time, and they had just sat down when she fell through it. She was just missed by a passing car and was unhurt.

Yellow Buses says as a precaution they've taken the bus out of service for checks.

Jenni Wilkinson, Head of Marketing, Yellow Buses, said: “We are relieved to hear that Kyesha is uninjured. All buses are required by law to have emergency doors. These are alarmed to ensure that if opened for any reason then the driver is made aware and, if the bus is moving, the vehicle is stopped. The doors are checked every day to ensure they are working correctly and the alarm is functional. 

"In this particular case, the driver stopped the vehicle after the alarm sounded. Initial viewing of the onboard CCTV confirms Kyesha did go out of the door as the bus was travelling at a speed of 5mph. An adult, who we believe was her grandmother, can also be seen exiting the door after the bus stopped. Both subsequently returned to continue their journey on the bus. 

"Medical assistance was offered by our driver but turned down. The vehicle was taken out of service and we can confirm all components were checked and in working order and no defect found. The bus has now been returned to service."