Timelapse Videos Of IMAX Demolition

Two high quality time lapse videos of the demolition of the IMAX Waterfront building in Bournemouth have been released.

They showcase the eight week deconstruction of the building from the first piece of glass being smashed on the front of the atrium to the final steel columns coming down and the clear-up on site beginning.

Click here to view IMAX Videos.

One video is taken from the Pavilion camera looking out towards the seafront and capturing the side of the IMAX showing the ‘waves of the building’ coming down in sections, and the other is taken from a camera on the pier looking at the front entrance of the IMAX building. Here you can see the middle of the building being demolished first.

 There is also a compilation of the deconstruction, which can be seen here.

 At the IMAX site, remedial building work and hard landscaping is continuing, ahead of the opening of a new open-air entertainment venue in June.