Traffic Issues In Weymouth Addressed

Residents in Weymouth will soon start to experience improved travel around the town as the first new signalised junction goes live.

Westham Crossroads signals will be switched on today (Wednesday 15 December).

The signals have been programmed with traffic flow information collected over the last two years, and once switched on they will record information about traffic going through the junction and become gradually more efficient.

Vehicle detectors buried in the road on every lane of the junction will measure traffic flows and allow more green time to be given to the busier approaches.

Dorset County Council traffic control manager Matthew Williams said:

"The traffic signals will be optimised over the next few weeks to make sure that the measurements passed to the central computer system truly reflect what is happening on the road, which will require engineers to spend time on site taking measurements of vehicle flow.

"As more junctions are switched on, we will co-ordinate their operation with adjacent junctions to ensure they work together."

Cabinet member for transport Peter Finney said:

"This marks a significant milestone in the transport package, and a move towards a more efficient highway network for residents and visitors.

"There is still a lot of work to do and next year the focus will shift to King Street and installing the real time bus information system in the borough."

Work on Harbour Junction is continuing, with the signals programmed to be switched on early next year.

Work on Kings Roundabout will start on Tuesday 4 January, and work to change the Esplanade mini-roundabout and alter the signals by the train station will start in mid-January.

The junction of Radipole Park Drive with Swannery Car Park and the entrance to Jubilee Retail Park will also be signalised during this phase of work.