Visiting Restrictions At Poole Hospital

Poole Hospital is currently closed to all but essential visitors due to high levels of flu and winter sickness bugs circulating in the local community.

The hospital is urging members of public to check with the ward or department before attempting to visit patients as these restrictions are in place throughout the hospital.

The hospital is experiencing high levels of demand on services due to an increase in the number of patients with severe flu-related conditions.  

Some wards are also closed to new admissions due to patients suffering with Norovirus, the winter sickness bug.

In order to stop these illnesses spreading further, all wards are now closed to visitors unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

No visitors will be allowed on any wards without prior agreement with the nurse in charge and relatives should telephone the ward to check before setting off for the hospital, especially if they have to make a long journey.

People should attend for outpatient appointments and tests such as endoscopy as normal unless they have coughs, colds or have had a tummy bug in the past three days. No one should attend the hospital if they have had any sickness or diarrhoea symptoms in the last 72 hours.

Denise Richards, Infection Control Matron, said: 

"Members of the public should be aware that there are high levels of flu and Norovirus circulating in the
community and they should be alert to the symptoms. 

"In order to prevent these illnesses from spreading further amongst vulnerable patients and staff, we have closed all wards to visitors unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

"Relatives should check with the hospital before setting out to visit patients. 

"We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask everyone to co-operate fully."