Warning To Cyclists In Bournemouth

Cyclists are being urged to get ready for winter by equipping their bikes with working lights as the dark mornings and evenings set in.

Police in Bournemouth will be carrying out a number of operations to target cyclists putting themselves at risk by not displaying lights.

Those seen riding without lights in the dark may be stopped by police and issued with a cycle defect form and a ticket ordering them to pay a £30 fine.

The cyclist then has seven days to present themselves to any Dorset police station, along with proof of purchase of a new set of lights, the cycle defect form and the ticket.

If they do this, the ticket will be revoked. If, however, a cyclist fails to comply after seven days they will be fined which could lead to a court appearance if the fine is not paid.

Inspector Mike Claxton, North Bournemouth Neighbourhood Inspector, said: "I urge all cyclists to make sure they are
prepared for the dark mornings and nights by displaying a working set of lights on both the front and rear of their bike.

"By using lights and wearing bright, reflective clothing in the dark you will be more visible to other road users making you much safer when you are cycling.

"Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be out and about across Bournemouth throughout November to check cyclists are displaying lights and will be happy to offer advice and information about cycle safety."