Warning Over Kids Car Seats

19 July 2010, 08:44 | Updated: 19 July 2010, 09:36

Heart's learnt 7 out of 10 child car seats aren't fitted properly in Dorset.

A new survey (done for National Child Travel week) aims to get parents to make sure their child's one is secure.

In a 30 mile an hour crash, a child who's not strapped in properly could be killed from the force they're thrown forward and here in Dorset, around 49 children have been killed, or injured when travelling by car.

National statistics have also shown 51% of mum's admit they have no idea how to check if their child seat is correctly fitted.

Jon Bean's from 'Discount Baby', a recommended car seat fitter in Bournemouth and Poole.

He says they see a dozen people every week who've fitted them wrong:

"They either don't read the instructions or try and guess how it's fitted, but if they took the time to find out how to do it properly, the most difficult one takes about a minute to fit, the easiest takes about ten seconds. It's so important though because if they're not fitted correctly, it could be fatal. A lot of people also buy second hand, which you shouldn't really."

To find out more about fitting your child's car seat correctly, or to book a fitting session, call the Bournemouth store on:

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