Warnings Of A New Legal High On The South Coast

Health chiefs in Bournemouth and Poole are warning people against taking a substance known as Ivory Wave, Ivory Coast or Purple Wave.

Several people have attended A&E in Dorset within the last few days suffering the after effects of this drug which is sold on the internet as bath salts.  All these people have now been treated and have been sent home.

The effects of this drug include rapid heartbeat, increase in blood pressure, constricted blood vessels, sweating and potential renal failure. The drug also increases anxiety, causes prolonged panic attacks, suppresses hunger and causes insomnia.

There is still little clarity about the exact ingredients in this these internet bought drugs, and there is concern that people are not exactly sure what they are taking. All agencies in the area are working together to raise awareness and to ensure effective treatment of those who have taken this.

Ivory Wave Bath Salts

Dr Adrian Dawson, Director of Public Health for Bournemouth and Poole said:

“This drug has caused adverse reactions in people locally and we want to make sure that people keep themselves safe. Our advice is not to take any drug, especially those over the internet as no-one can be sure what they contain."