Warnings Over Fake Vodka In Bournemouth

Bournemouth’s Trading Standards Officers have discovered, following a complaint from a member of the public, that counterfeit alcohol including bottles of counterfeit Smirnoff vodka have been on sale at a number of off-licences in the town.

The goods have been seized and tested.

Trading Standards has this advice for consumers and traders:

If the quality and taste is not what you had expected or is unusual then do not consume and report it. Look out for spelling mistakes and altered logos. Counterfeit alcohol often imitates well-known brands but incorporate subtle differences or mistakes.

Low quality labels and packaging may be an indication that goods are counterfeit and the shape and profile of the bottle may be different.

Always purchase from a reputable retailer and do not buy from other sources such as from the back of a vehicle.

David Morton, Senior Trading Standards Officer said:

“Some of these counterfeit goods are very convincing and traders and the public may have difficulty spotting a counterfeit product. I would advise, that if someone has any doubt at all, to report it immediately to Consumer Direct. Not only are the counterfeiters evading duty on the products, the public are paying a premium for a product that is not genuine and may not be safe.”

Councillor Peter Charon, Council Leader added:

“We are determined to clamp down on  the  trading of counterfeit products in Bournemouth and our officers will continue to make regular checks to premises that sell alcohol and where necessary, seize suspected counterfeit goods and prosecute.”

If someone suspects a counterfeit product, report immediately to Consumer Direct: 08454 040506.