Will Boscombe's Surf Reef Ever Get Fixed?

There's still no sign of the artificial surf reef at Boscombe being repaired - it's been shut for more than a year since it was damaged by a boat.

The contract deadline for the firm ASR (which built the £3Million reef) to return and lay new sandbags expires today (Thursday 31st May).

Surfers using the reef when it was open

Bournemouth council says it needs to sort out an insurance claim before it can make it decision on what to do about ASR.

There are claims the council has paid the company £120,000 for replacement bags for the reef last year but they are in storage.

The Reef was closed back in 2011

Mark Smith, Director for Tourism said:

"We are focussing our efforts on the insurance claim for the original lost container, known as C4, and our priority is to agree a financial settlement with our insurers. Only once the position with the insurance claim is clarified will we make a decision on contractual issues and the relationship with ASR.

"The contribution the reef has made to the rejuvenation of Boscombe seafront is proven and clear for all to see, with Boscombe now firmly on the map as an appealing and buzzing watersports destination – witness the crowds at the weekend with free stand-up paddleboarding sessions, beach volley ball, beach netball and football all in evidence, along with a popular BBQ adding to the atmosphere. The Council remains committed to Boscombe and further enhancing the contribution the reef has already made."