Workmen Targetted By Angry Drivers

Highway managers are urging Weymouth and Portland residents to talk to them rather than taking out their frustrations on the workforce.

This autumn sees several road schemes underway in Weymouth at the same time, and a small number of motorists are becoming more abusive towards highway workers.

Yesterday evening, Wednesday 22 September, a block of wood was thrown out of a car window at the workmen on Ferry Bridge.

Dorset County Council Head of Highways Andy Ackerman said:

"Swearing, shouting and rude gestures towards our workers are increasing, and while we understand residents' frustration, this is being directed at the wrong people.

"If you want to understand what work is taking place and why, we are on the end of a phone or email, we have a project blog to keep people up to date and we also have a visitors’ centre, which we encourage people to come to.

"Between now and the end of July next year – before the Olympic sailing test events – the county council is co-ordinating 200 highway works of its own schemes and those of gas, water and communication companies.

"Weymouth and Portland is seeing unprecedented investment in its transport infrastructure, roughly 20 years of investment in one year.

"The county council is trying to make the most of the money available as a result of the borough hosting the 2012 sailing competition, as there will probably be very little opportunity to invest in the road network in the future."

To contact the team:

* Phone: 01305 224754
* Email:

Or drop into the visitor centre:

* Mondays 9am to 11am
* Thursdays 12pm to 2pm
* Second Saturday of every month 9am to midday

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