Yachtsman Rescued Off Portland

A man has been rescued off the Dorset coast after getting into difficulties in his yacht off Portland during rough seas.

The RNLI said:

"A solo yachtsman had reason to call for help on Monday 17 September when his yacht suffered machinery and rig failure near the Portland Race. 

"The volunteer crew of the Weymouth all-weather lifeboat were able to help the sailor by towing his boat into Weymouth and pumping it out.

"Portland Coastguard called for the RNLI’s assistance when the stricken 27 foot yacht was being taken toward the Race by a strong ebb tide.

"A motor vessel that was on passage in the area was standing by the vessel and the one person who had been onboard and at sea for more than 24 hours. 

"We advised the yachtsman to run north westerly across the ebb tide so that he cleared the Race and then to take down his jib (the sail at the front of the boat). 

"A volunteer RNLI crew member was then transferred to the yacht to help connect a tow and both vessels headed back to Weymouth. 

"The heavy seas off Portland had taken their toll and the yacht had been swamped several times with a lot of water going onboard, so the lifeboat’s portable pump was used to clear it."