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How is Caroline getting on with her 10 years younger for 2010 campaign...

Thursday 4th February

Wow. Gym mania! I say gym, technically I mean swim, but none the less i've done 3 classes this week and been swimming 5 times! Somehow it worked though as I managed to lose another 5lbs! This mean I've now lost 1stone 5lbs which is the equivalent to a British ginger tom cat, 1 guinea pig, 2 pigeons and a piglet. Get me.

Thursday 11th February

Hmmm this week has been a tough one! Everything has been really hectic and I haven't managed to get to the gym at all, although I have managed to eat healthily (if you don't include eating a slice of chocolate caked and going out for two curries...they were on seperate occassions!!!) I lost 2.5lbs this week which means i've lost just over a stone and a half. Take a deep breath because this means that I have now lost the equivalent to a British ginger tom cat,1 guinea pig, 2 pigeons, a piglet AND a female ferret.

Friday 29th January 2010

Wow. what a tough week it's been! I had my friends hen do to go to in Birmingham at the weekend, a fab time was had by did involve a 3 hour chocolate making workshop. No idea how I managed it but I didn't eat a single chocolate and when we went out for dinner managed to make sensible choices and not drink too much either. Who knew that was possible?? Not me! Admittedly when I got home, my boyfriend and I had a couple of the chocolates I'd made...BUT it stopped the cravings and set me up for the week! Exercise wise I am bloomin LOVING going to street dance classes! I'm hopeless but it is a lot of fun and seems to be burning the calories, I lost 2lbs this week! This means I have now lost a stone...which is the equivalent in weight to one British ginger tom cat, one guinea pig and two pigeons. GET IN. It's a veritable menagerie.

Friday 22nd January 2010

I tried to be good this week...but it didn't really go to plan! I went to the gym three times (gold star for me!) but I also went to a hog roast for my uncles 65th birthday. Then I spent 3 days with a cold which to most people means having chicken soup but to me this means piles of mashed potato and gravy...for breakfast lunch and dinner. Weird? Maybe. But I no longer have a cold! Aaaanyway despite the slight faux pas I still managed to lose 1.5lbs which means that my total weight loss is now 12 lbs. GET IN! p.s did you know that 12lbs is the equivalent weight to a tom cat AND two guinea pigs. Imagine losing that off your hips!

Thursday 14th January 2010

Wow. One week into this campaign and I've been eating healthily (this does of course include the odd glass of wine and snack size chocolate bar!). I've been to the gym twice this week and goodness only knows how I managed it but at my slimming world weigh in last night....I lost 10.5lbs! That's equivalent to an average British tom cat!!! Amazing!