Ten Years Younger for 2010

Heart Breakfast's David and Caroline want to turn...


This year David and Caroline have set themselves the challenge to get fit for Spring. They have pledged to lose 10 years from their Wii Fit Age by the first day of Spring.  You can keep up to date with everything they are doing here...!

Age: 39
Current Wii Fit Age: 51
Target Wii Fit Age: 41
Target Date: 20th March 2010 (first day of spring)




Age: 26
Current Wii Fit Age: 41
Target Wii Fit Age: 31
Target Date: 20th March 2010 (first day of spring)
Caroline's blog




You can help David and Caroline get 10 Years Younger!

Their will power isn't up to much, so we need you to ban them from any temptations that could get their diet in trouble - cake shops, takeaways, pubs, restauarants, cafes... Download the poster and ban David and Caroline - it's for their own good!

If you spot David or Caroline succumbing to temptation...
call the 10 YEARS YOUNGER FOR 2010 hotline - 01202 234949.


Here is a list of all the places supporting us by displaying our Banned Poster:

Al's Dinner, Bournemouth
Ali's Brasserie, Winton
Binnies cafe, Winton
Burger King, Tower Park Poole
Chez Fred, Westbourne
Dean's Cafe & Sandwich Bar, Moordown
Dominos Pizze, Winton
Harry's Cafe, Charminster
Jay's Cafe, Bournemouth
Long Johns Fish and Chips, Winton
Malvern Fish and Chips, Moordown
Nando's, Tower Park Poole
Noom Takeaway, Castle Lane West
Palace Takeaway, Charminster
Silver Loung Cafe, Winton
Southcote News, Bournemouth