Meet Angel Adam

Name? - Adam

Age? - 24

Hometown? - Good old Dunstable!

How long have you been working at heart? - Just over 5 years now.

Best thing about working at Heart? - Working with Gaz and Babs, Hosting big events and getting paid to have fun!

Three words to describe yourself? - Friendly, Fun and Thoughtful.

What is your favorite Food? - Oooh theres loads! Chicken Nuggets and Chips with the three greatest sauces ever made, Nandos, Mayo and Reggae Reggae! Beef Hula Hoops! Nandos! Burger King! KFC! The List is endless!!!!!

Where is your favorite Place to go in Herts, Beds and Bucks? - Uuummm! Nandos, Tgi's Burger King and KFC! Ha!!! I enjoy exploring all the restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs it has to offer!

What is your favorite Band or Artist? - Haven't really got one! I love all sorts of music! Especially electro house! Anything which sounds good LOUD!

Have you got any Nick Names? - Babs call me "Adlaaaaaaaaa", Adam B, Ads, La La Boy (Don't ask!).

What makes you laugh out loud? This!


What time do you get up in the morning? - Late as possible! It all depends what im doing, normally  around 7:30 but sometimes i have to be in for 5:15  so im up at 4:30 Ouch!

Ideal night in? - Top Gear, Dvd, Takeaway, Xbox (I am Male!)

A little bit about you? - Well! I absolutely love cars! (I'm counting down the days until i get a Ferrari or Lambo!) I love Djing and have my own business with Babs. I enjoy being out and about spending time with my friends, going to the cinema.

Im still a bit of a kid at heart (No pun intended) I'd like to think im a nice guy that gets on with everyone and who goes out of his way to help others!

Thats me!!