Rare Cancer Victim Raises £7K

10 July 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 10 July 2013, 10:59

A 15 year old girl from Hertfordshire has raised more than £7,000 in sponsorship for this year's Race for Life in Stevenage.

Zoe Alcock from Codicote, who goes to Hitchin Girls School, decided she would take part in the event at Fairlands Valley after a nine month battle with a form of ovarian cancer that’s so rare, doctors don't have a name for it.

She told Heart she's been shocked by everyone’s generosity.

"I put my target on the Just Giving website as £250 but so far its up to £7,300 and with every donation people are leaving kind messages and stuff. It's really amazing to see how kind even strangers can be."

Just after Zoe signed up to do Race For Life she found out she had an operation booked for just four day before the event and so her 17 year old sister Amy has stepped in to take her place.

Zoe hopes this operation on Wednesday 10 July 2013 will rid her of the cancer for good.

She told Heart what it's been like having cancer at such a young age.

"I only really have told my close friends about everything going on because I just want to live my life as normal as possible so it's been quite frustrating for me because in the recovery stage of the operation I'm really tired so I can't go to parties with my friends."

You can sponsor Zoe and her sister Amy on their Race For Life sponsorship page here.