Another Luton Shooting

6 May 2013, 09:35 | Updated: 6 May 2013, 10:08

A police investigation's underway after a driver was shot at in Luton by a man on a motorbike.

It happened in Culverhouse Road, Biscot, on the evening of Sunday 5 May 2013, just hours after a peace rally had been held calling for an end to gang violence in the town.

The driver of the BMW was uninjured in the attack and then chased the motorcyclist.

In his haste to get away, the rider collided with two others cars and came off the machine. He made off on foot and police he think he was picked up by an accomplice in a car.

Police sealed off both ends of Culverhouse Road in the town where the motorbike crashed into the two cars which included a taxi.

The black BMW was also in the road as police mounted a full examination of the scene.

Bedfordshire Police say it was just after 9pm on Sunday evening when the gunman fired at the black BMW 3 series.

Two shots were fired and the car was hit and damaged, but the driver then gave chase.

The rider came off his machine after colliding with two cars unconnected with what happened, but was able to make off on foot.

Police carried out a search of the area but were unable to find him.

A police spokeswoman said "It's thought he was picked up by another car."

Bedfordshire Police said they have no real description of the gunman and are appealing to anyone who may have witnessed the incident or who has information to contact them.

Fountains Road was also cordoned off in connection with what happened.

The shooting came on a day when community leaders in the town had held a peace rally in reaction to the number of recent stabbings and shootings believed to involve members of rival gangs.

People gathered outside the town hall at midday to hear talks by various speakers.

The rally involved Non Violence Alliance, Walk to Freedom and Tropical FM

Pastor Lloyd Denny, chair of Luton in Harmony, said at the rally "We want to give some support to the families affected and their friends.

"It's a time of prayer, support to families as a whole and preaching peace and reconciliation."

Glenroy Campbell, from the Non-Violence Alliance - member of GANG - God's Anointed New Generation, said ahead of the rally: "We are just sick of the violence that is going on in Luton and will gather together on Sunday to show our solidarity.

"If everybody comes out who is really against what is going on in Luton and stands side-by-side with each other, then everybody who is against it will know that they are not alone."

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, Tafheen Sharif, said she understood the feeling of unease in the town.

"You do hear a lot of it, but if you put it into context, the fact is it is not as bad as other places similar to Luton," she said.

"We are trying our utter best in the police to get that uneasiness away from people and give them some reassurance."