Anti-incinerator meeting

24 July 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 24 July 2010, 09:28

A group in Hatfield are meeting today to oppose the prospect of a waste incinerator being built next to a school.

Campaigners say, they fear the facility could harm the pupils.

Speaking to Heart, Paul Zukowskyj says the industrial plant would be right next door to a special needs class in New Barnfield;"It would share a common boundary with the school, there would be lorries and pollution affecting the school - it's barmy".

Mr Zukowskyj added, "we should be protecting the most vulnerable members of society, if we allow this to happen, how can we say that?"

Hertfordshire County Council say they are currently preparing documents (called the Core Strategy & Development Policies document and the Site Allocations document) that will form part of the authority's Waste Development Framework.

That will shape the waste management and disposal process through to 2025/26. The first stage of consultation on these documents took place in November 2009. The next stage was due to start in August.

In light of the recent changes introduced by the new coalition government, their timetable has been set back to allow time to assess the implications of these changes to the documents.

Therefore, subject to the appropriate democratic approvals, it is anticipated there'll be a public consultation on what to do with Hertfordshire's waste from November 2010.

Regarding the site at New Barnfield - in order for the council to be awarded PFI (public money for part-private building work), a site suitable for a Waste Incinerator had to be identified - but this does not mean either or both companies expected to bid for the work will chose that site for themselves.

Once a preferred bidder is announced the public can then make their feelings known to the council and the company directly at the point and/or when they announce their preferred location.