Applying for 2011 School Places Begins!

6 September 2010, 06:00 | Updated: 6 September 2010, 07:12

Schools may only have just gone back after the summer break - but many Hertfordshire carers and parents are being told they need to start planning for 2011 school places.

The process for moving on to secondary or upper school is now open (Monday September 6.)

Families will first be sent leaflets giving further details through their children’s primary schools, they are then advised to go along to as many secondary schools with their child before submitted their top three preferred schools.

Parents are recommended to apply by Friday 22 October so that their applications can be checked, acknowledged and processed in good time, however applications will be accepted until October 31.

An interactive version of the 'Moving On' booklet is available at to provide a quick and easy way of obtaining all the information you need about the secondary transfer process.

The easiest way to apply is online by logging onto and completing the online application form. If you apply online you can amend your application at any time up to the closing date, you will also be able to receive and accept your school allocation online.

Last year 92% of parents applied this way and found the system quick, easy and secure. But you can also request a paper application form that must be returned direct to the local admissions and transport team.

Before making an application (either online or on paper), parents and carers are strongly advised to visit schools and attend the secondary information evenings to help them make their preferences. Leaflets outlining all the secondary open evenings were distributed in July, but these are still available online. The admissions pages on the hertsdirect website contain all the information parents need to apply for a school place as well as advice on where to find extra help, and answers to commonly asked questions.

Richard Thake, Executive Member for Education said: "Starting school or moving on to secondary school are important steps for children. I recognise this is one of the most important services we provide and can assure parents that dedicated officers are on hand to provide support and guidance, both at the time of application and at the time a school place is offered.

"Parents and carers want to ensure their children gain a place at the school they most prefer. However, many schools receive more applications than they have places available and the admission rules are used to determine which children are offered places at which schools. Hertfordshire has a good track record and last year over 95 per cent of children were allocated one of their three ranked secondary schools and over 94 per cent one of their three ranked primary schools."

Parents are advised to check the county council's website in case there have been any changes to admission arrangements or timescales since the booklets were printed.

To apply online and for more information on school admissions log on to