Baby George's First Walk

4 April 2011, 16:10 | Updated: 4 April 2011, 16:19

A one-year-old baby elephant has marked his first birthday by going on his longest walk so far.

For the first time, George - who lives at Whipsnade - has joined a herd of four other elephants on their daily two and a half mile walk around the zoo.

It comes after his keepers have successfully trained him to walk trunk to tail without wandering off or getting distracted.

George held on to his "aunty" Lucha's tail with his trunk, while his mum Karishma held his tail.

Assistant curator of elephants Lee Sambrook said:

"It's great exercise for George, stimulates him and provides great enrichment as well as being very good for public awareness of our elephants. It's wonderful for visitors to see them out and about."

George's birthday is on April 12th. He was born weighing 124 kg (almost 20 stone) but in the last 12 months his weight has more than doubled and he's now a hefty 536kg.