Ban for street racers

24 September 2010, 12:37 | Updated: 24 September 2010, 13:00

A special dispersal order has been granted giving police special powers to enforce a "no-go zone" for people involved in late night street racing in Stevenage.

Police say they've had complaints over the past two weeks about large groups of people gathering and racing each other along the town's dual carriageways.

A similar problem flared up at the same time last year but now Hertfordshire Police have a got a three month dispersal order which has been authorised in partnership wwith Stevenage Borough Council.  It gives officers the power to disperse groups of two or more people that are causing or are likely to cause distress to members of the public.

Stevenage Chief Inspector Richard Liversidge said: “We have received more than 18 complaints from members of the public within the last two weeks about the behaviour of this group of individuals.  Officers have been called to put an end to the racing, which sees cars exceeding the 40mph speed limit.
“We are aware of the impact to local residents and businesses and we are doing our utmost to ensure that the people living and travelling through Stevenage are safe and I hope this dispersal order will reassure our communities that we will do all in our power to put a stop to the illegal racing and put a stop to those who have been involved in disrupting officers in their duties.”

The dispersal order covers the following roads:

A602 Broadhall Way, between the junction with A1M, and the junction with Shephall Way
Gunnelswood Road
Public roads adjoining Gunnelswood Road, namely; Leyden Road, Norton Green Road, Caxton Way, Bessemer Drive, Argyle Way, Maxwell Road, Whittle Way, Cavendish Road, Babbage Road, Cockerell Close, Meadway, Angotts Mead, Clovelley Way, Bridge Road West, Fairview Road;
Monkswood Way;
Six Hills Way junction with Monkswood Way, to the junction with Gunnelswood Road;
St Georges Way;
Lytton Way;
Fairlands Way junction with Gunnelswood Road, to the junction with Lonsdale Road;
High Street;
Martins Way;
Wedgewood Way;
Cartwright Road.