Bruno questioned by 'laughing' police

Boxing legend Frank Bruno has told how he was stopped by police recently on suspicion of stealing his own car.

He said the "two youngsters'' involved in what happened in Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire were "a disgrace'' and should have checked beforehand that it was his car, which has its own number plate.

In an interview, he said the incident had happened "in the last month".  "They said 'there's a lot of high performance cars, sir, being stolen around the area'.

"I could see them laughing like two hyenas in the car, but I didn't find it funny.''

Asked if they had recognised him, he said: "They recognised me, like Tom and Jerry, and Peter Pan, and Batman, but I think, I didn't want to give them no hassle, showed them the documents, waited there for 10 minutes, and done what I had to do.

"Because the police are the police, they are the law of the land, you've got to keep up to the rules and regulations of the law of the land."

He said there were some police officers around the area of his home, in Bedfordshire, who were "good as gold".

"You're going to get a little bad bunch here and there, but they were a disgrace, to stop and ask, 'have you nicked the car?"

"I thought they were joking, I thought it was Candid Camera, but it weren't Candid Camera, it was serious."