Call For Pay-Per-Night In Police Cells

4 January 2013, 06:00 | Updated: 4 January 2013, 13:02

Hertfordshire's Police Commissioner says he wants criminals to pick up more of the tab for policing.

David Lloyd has told Heart, he wants more emphasis on the proceeds of crime being: "Even if they are just staying overnight in a police cell, I'm quite keen on seeing if we can get them to pay for the cost of the 'hotel bill' for the night."

The Commissioner added: "If criminals have assests that we really push as hard as we can to ensure those assets are taken off them. Proceeds of crime should not be used by criminals they should be used for policing quite frankly."

After a month in office, Mr Lloyd said: "those who commit offences should be punished in the pocket - this could mean paying the full costs of removing and storing vehicles. Speed awareness courses are proven to have a real impact on future behaviour but those who take them should pay the full cost for them. And the principle of 'offender pays' could be taken further still for other types of crime.

Rehabilitation of offenders appears to focus on the wrong people at times. Victims should have a greater say about what happens to those that cause damage or injury to them. More victim and public voices should be heard in deciding how behaviour is dealt with and how offenders pay back for crime."