Ashleigh Carroll

Nosy - with a passion for fashion

Ashleigh Carroll – Broadcast Journalist

Where are you from? I was born in Aberdeen but moved down to Cheltenham when I was 7. I now live in Essex.

What were you doing before radio? Studying at Cardiff University and the National Broadcasting School in Brighton.

Best part of the job? One minute you can be interviewing Nick Clegg, and the next Basil Brush! It really is true when they say no two days are the same. There is also always biscuits, cakes and naughty goodies floating about the office!

Moment you'd most like to forget? Our news software crashed just before a bulletin so I had to run back into the newsroom to print off my scripts. I ran back to the studio just as the news jingle was starting and was completely out of breath. Lets just say it wasn't my best bulletin. 

Three words that describe you? Ditsy, nosey, smiley

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to get started in journalism? Prepare to do LOTS of work experience, make lots of tea, and get out there and meet people – everyone has a story and you never know when they could be useful!

Dream interview? Alan Sugar and Anna Wintour - people who seem quite scary...I want to make them smile!

If I wasn't a news reporter I'd be? training to become a news reporter!