Commons Damaged By Bikers

14 May 2011, 09:42 | Updated: 14 May 2011, 09:45

Deep holes have been dug in the Brickle Dells, known locally in South Harpenden as the ‘Ups and Downs,’ so bikers can use them as ramps in the early evenings and at weekends.

The area forms part of Harpenden Common, which is owned and maintained by Harpenden Town Council.
“The people causing this damage to the land are committing a criminal offence,” said PC Emma Collins, who is the local Neighbourhood Officer for the area. “We have been working with the town council and local schools to get the message out that this is not acceptable behaviour. We will be taking robust action against anyone who is digging the ground, or breaking any of the by-laws in place on the common.”
She said: “The Common is well used by many people including dog walkers and residents who do not want to see litter and unsightly holes or ramps, which could cause a serious injury if someone fell down them. The common is big enough for everyone so please be considerate with your behaviour so that everyone can enjoy it.” 
Councillor Bert Pawle, Chair of the Town Council’s Environment Committee said: “I fully support the action of the police. Not only are these people destroying the natural environment of the ‘Ups and Downs,’ they are creating a dangerous hazard for others looking to enjoy this part of the Common.”