Free Parking In Dunstable

11 April 2011, 18:00 | Updated: 11 April 2011, 18:03

Following the success of several Free Parking dates in Dunstable Town Centre in 2010, the Dunstable Joint Committee has agreed to fund a further six days in 2011.

The Free Parking will take place in selected Town Centre car parks on the following dates:

Saturday 21st May 2011
Saturday 11th June 2011
Saturday 18th June 2011
Saturday 16th July 2011
Saturday 20th August 2011
Saturday 10th December 2011

The car parks included in the scheme are:

Ashton Square (Wilkinson)
St Mary’s Gate (West Street)
Church Street
Matthew Street (Eleanor’s Cross)

The free parking days are linked in with the major events in the Dunstable Town Council events programme so resident and visitors can take advantage of a full days entertainment and shopping in the town centre, to find the full programme of events happening visit

Please note that car parks not mentioned are NOT included in the scheme and charges will still apply.