Huw James

Too much coffee and too little time

Huw James - News Editor

Huw has been in radio for far too many years - in fact he remembers when Mr Marconi first came up with the idea. In the course of his career he's interviewed many famous people including US Presidents, Prime Ministers and more importantly Kerry Katona.

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Where are you from? South Wales

What were you doing before? Editor at FOX FM in Oxfordshire

Best part of the job? The fact that every day is different - plus you get cakes.

Moment you'd most like to forget? Falling asleep on air

Three words that describe you? Placid, quiet, reserved

What advice would you give to anyone hoping to get started in journalism? Get as much experience as you can and become a news junkie!

Dream interview? Prince

If I wasn't a news reporter I'd be? Bored out of my mind