Man convicted for benefit fraud

19 January 2011, 17:18 | Updated: 19 January 2011, 17:23

A man's been convicted of carrying out benefit fraud.

Abul Kalam, 48 years, of 63 Marlborough Road, Luton has been convicted at Luton Magistrates Court for benefit fraud.

Kalam appeared in court on Monday 10 January and pleaded guilty to a charge that he had knowingly failed to notify a change in his circumstances while claiming council tax benefit.

The Court heard how Kalam had claimed council tax benefit from the Council while also receiving tax credits from Her Majesties Revenues and Customs, failing to notify the Council of this income.

By doing this, Kalam fraudulently obtained benefits totalling £3,663.

Kalam was fined £100, required to pay a £15 victim surcharge and £150 towards the Council’s costs. He was also ordered to repay the full amount of benefit which was overpaid to him.

Cllr Robin Harris, Luton’s portfolio holder for Finance, said: “The benefits system is there to help people who need it, not those who would like to make extra money by taking advantage of the system.

“Not only will Mr Kalam have to repay all the money he stole from the public purse, he will also have to pay a fine, proving once again that there is absolutely nothing to gain by attempting to defraud the authority.”

If you think someone is a benefit fraudster, please contact the fraud hotline in complete confidence on 0500 500 777 or email giving as much information as possible.