Olympic Torch - Hatfield

July 8th, 2012 at 14.24

Which roads will be closed?

We anticipate the following road will be closed from 7am until 5pm on 8 July:

  • Stonehills

A ‘rolling roadblock’ will follow the movement of the Olympic Torch Relay; as such one carriageway will be closed along the route in the direction of travel while the Olympic Torch Relay passes. This will cause some delay. The opposite carriageway will be open for traffic to move as normal.

You are encouraged to travel to either Welwyn Garden or Hatfield using another method of transport other than driving, if possible.

Where can I park?
On street parking:
In Welwyn Garden City, Parkway and the town centre in Stonehills have parking bays suspended. No parking will be allowed on these roads the parking will be suspended from 3pm on Saturday 7 July 2012 until 5pm Sunday 8 July 2012. French Horn Lane in Hatfield will also have parking restrictions in place on Sunday 8 July 2012 (from 4pm on Saturday 7 July 2012) Car parks: All council car parks will be open on 8 July 2012 and will be FREE to park. Sainsbury’s and Howard Centre in Welwyn Garden City will also have FREE parking on 8 July 2012.

Welwyn Garden City – suggested parking locations

o Campus West car park
o Campus East (upper and lower) car parks
o Hunters Bridge car park (multi-storey, Bridge Road)
o Osborn Way car park
o Church Road car park
o Sainsbury’s
o Howard Centre
o Howard Centre (multi-storey) car park
o Stanborough Park (north and south) car parks.

Hatfield – suggested parking locations

o The Commons car park
o Link Drive car park
o Dog Kennel Lane car park
o Lemsford Road car park
o Hatfield station car park.

You are encouraged to travel to either Welwyn Garden or Hatfield using another method of transport other than driving, if possible.

When can I park there?
To avoid queues and a shortage of parking spaces in either town on the day, it is suggested that you arrive by midday on 8 July 2012. This will give you time to enjoy the festivities and find your spot on the OTR route with plenty of time to spare.  You are encouraged to travel to either Welwyn Garden or Hatfield using another method of transport other than driving, if possible.

Will parking be FREE?
Parking in council owned car parks in Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield will be FREE on Sunday 8 July 2012 only to avoid congestion. Parking in other car parks may vary. If you intend to park on the street, please take notice of any parking restrictions that may apply.

Where can I park if I hold a Blue Badge?
A limited number of parking for Blue Badge holders will be available on Howardsgate, however we envisage that this may be used quickly. Alternatively please use any of the council car parks.

How will buses be affected?
Buses should remain largely unaffected expect for during the passing of the OTR, when buses, like all other traffic will be delayed behind the OTR.

Meet Your Torchbearers

Olympic Torch - Hatfield Name: Alice Breheny
Hometown: Rickmansworth
Age: 38
Nomination: I am nominating my sister - but i will carry the torch for her. Sadly my sister died last year after battling brain cancer for 3 years. She was so brave and such an inspiration. And far more an athlete than me! She was very excited about the Olympics coming to London but sadly wont get to see the games. Since her death I've thrown all my energy at raising money for cancer research - in particular research into brain cancer. so far this year I've raised over £35,000 for this cause and continue to seek any opportunity to raise the profile of brain cancer. this is a cause very close to my heart as we've lost both my sister and my dad to brain tumours way too young. I'd love to carry the touch and give my family something positive to focus on.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: David Pope
Hometown: Peterborough
Age: 51
Nomination: David has been a passionate member of the Lions organisation for over 30 years, to celebrate his 50th Birthday he and his family undertook a sponsored walk to raise money for a Lions Eye Camp, hoping to to raise £250 for a Lions Eye Camp, they raised £2,250 enough for 9 Lions Eye Camps.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Jack Gatehouse
Hometown: Hemel Hempstead
Age: 12
Nomination: You can not sum up Jack in 150 words, we know because we've tried. Jacks 12` personality comes in a 4` bundle, filled with mischievousness and determination. There are no shadows or obstacles just friends to see and places to go. He has undergone major surgery but despite this has retained his engaging smile and sense of humour. Jack is as aspiring discus thrower often practising with his left shoe! Within PE he will always try to do his best and nothing is too difficult for him to try. When he falls down he gets back up and carries on. He is an extraordinary young person whose smile would shatter the hardest of hearts who`s courage could not weigh any before him and who when he places his hand in yours gives you his unfailing trust.
Olympic Torch - Hatfield Name: Joanna Hancock
Hometown: Harpenden
Age: 33
Nomination: Joanna has an active lifestyle and constant desire to help others and fund-raise.  Joanna has raised over £11,000 for various charities over the past few years, mainly The Prostate Cancer Charity – from which her father sadly died in June 2011.  She has undertaken: a trek of part of the Great Wall of China, reached the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, completed the Trailwalker and the London Marathon.

She says, "I am over the moon and incredibly honoured [to be Torchbearer].  I love sport and it has always been a major part of my life, watching Rugby or Cricket and playing anything.  I think the Olympic Games and all that it stands for is the best worldwide sporting event."

Olympic Torch - Hatfield Name: Keith Butten
Hometown: Hulcote
Age: 45
Nomination: Keith had a challenging childhood after his parents separated when he was 4 and he was the subject of a long and difficult custody battle. Keith has lived in Bedfordshire for over 25 years following his move from West London. Keith has progressed over many years hard work to the voluntary role of Chairman at Luton Rugby Club. He has been a key volunteer in getting the struggling local team into national league rugby over the past 10 years & the club is proving very successful.This year the 1st XV won the East Midlands Cup. Luton Rugby Club touches the lives of thousands within the community and plays a key role in teaching kids aged 6-19 key principles in life, such as determination, motivation and respect. The club brings together a diverse range of people from the culturally rich area of Luton.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Kyle Hendrickson
Hometown: Luton
Age: 24
Nomination:  Kyle Hendrickson is a 23 year old male and has been continually committed to joining projects as a volunteer and trying to provide social opportunities within the town to allow young persons the opportunities to get involved in sport and social activities. He has been involved in a number of projects ranging from football based, to running of local community centres. The work that he has done goes largely unrewarded, yet he remains involved in the projects in the hope that provisions for young persons can be improved through his work.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Sam McCann
Hometown: High Wycombe
Age: 37
Nomination: Some phrases from my childhood which keep me guided. Everyone can make a difference . Every little helps . Every penny counts . There's no such word as can't . It's never too late . One of my childhood ambitions was to run the Marathon. As time ticked by I realised that my ambition was a bit too 'ambitious'. At the age of 36, I had not done any real exercise since I was at school. However, this year I took stock and thought, It's never too late , There's no such word as can't , Every little helps so I decided to apply for Race for Life and completed it this summer (running all the way!). Not only was this a personal achievement, I raised over £500 for a good cause and encouraged my friends to join me
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Steve Ells
Hometown: Waltham Cross
Age: 51
Nomination: For over 30 years Steve's coaching has enabled young people to develop sailing skills to high levels & helped to develop some young people's coaching skills to enable them to become instructors, giving many of them employment in the Leisure industry. When the Hackney Centre moved to Stoke Newington, Steve helped to secure £2.9 mill lottery funds to establish a state-of-the-art Watersports centre in the heart of Hackney. Unlike similar projects, this one completed within budget & on time. This centre enables local children to take part in watersports & over 300 children use the centre every week, including Steve's brainchild, an oversubscribed youth club. A respected Senior Instructor, Steve is a member of Sailability, an organisation dedicated to helping disabled people take part in sailing. They cite the Centre as an example of one enabling disabled people, including blind pupils to learn to sail.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Talya Jacobson
Hometown: Borehamwood
Age: 17
Nomination: I have taken on major sporting challenges despite having cerebral palsy a severe visual impairment learning difficulties and epilepsy I love exercising and enjoy riding either a specialised tricycle or a tandem with my Mum I love swimming walking and running too. I have taken part in dozens of charity cycles and fun runs. In 2008 I swam the equivalent distance of the English Channel and last year I completed the Eilat triathlon. Through my participation in these events I have raised over £60000 for the different charities which have supported me and my family over the past 17 years. I wake up every morning grateful to be alive and always have a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

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