Olympic Torch - St Albans

July 8th, 2012 at 16.07

The Olympic Flame will arrive in St Albans at 4.06pm on Sunday 8th July.

Our inspirational Torchbearers will carry the flame along the length of Hatfield Road from its junction with Charlotte Close (near Oaklands College, Smallford Campus). They will then take it across St Peter’s Street into Catherine Street, along Folly Lane joining Verulam Road before finishing near the Batchwood roundabout. 

Large crowds are expected, so the advice is to get there early for a good view. 

There are lots of events and celebrations going on in the city on the day. Many local people, community groups and clubs are having parties and celebrations and many are open to the public.

Along the torch route, you can enjoy music, face painting and ‘Play in the Parks’ at Fleetville and Oysterfields recreation grounds. Clarence Park has fun and games with St Albans City Youth Football Club. The fun continues at Victoria Playing Fields with the Friends of Victoria Playing Fields organising lots of activities and a community Cricket Match. There is judo, zumba, street entertainment, music and lots more in the city centre. Many of the pubs and eateries have their own entertainment planned.

The churches along the route are laying on celebratory events. Hatfield Road Methodist Church, St Paul’s Church and St Peter’s Church all have activities galore. St Peter’s Church is offering tours of the tower.

Meet Your Torchbearers

Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Claire Weston
Hometown: Stevenage
Age: 34
Nomination: I think that my teacher, Miss Weston should carry the Olympic Flame. She works very hard teaching us, is always there for us and inspires us to do our best. Before she came to our school we didn't enter many sports competitions; now we often win them. After school she also runs a fab Cubs pack. Miss Weston loves the Olympics. She knows every Olympic date, every athletic record and every famous athlete from 1896 in Greece to now. I want to give Miss Weston the chance to hold the Flame and live her dream in 2012. Miss Weston has also helped me personally through my emotional troubles when I was eight. She looked after me at school and I would now like to give her something back, to say 'a big thank you'.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Farida Ussmane
Hometown: London
Age: 54
Nomination: Farida is a member of the team who since my first day at the branch has made me feel welcomed. Her bubbly personality and sense of humour are probably two of her biggest assets. She has bravely entered a difficult time in her life (she has recently been diagnosed with lung cancer) however remains the same person who the whole team love and have a lot of time for. She has taught me both work and life related skills and is the heartbeat of our team. She is an example to all employees of how to become a partner that fulfils the partnership values. If I knew a more worthy nominee, I would have put their name forward, however I don't.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Hannah Gallaher
Hometown: Hitchin
Age: 12
Nomination: Hannah is a talented girl who works hard in whatever she does. She achieves well in all areas of her life be it in a classroom on a lacross pitch netball court or cross country course. In netball and lacross, Hannah is a strong defensive player, she marks and intercepts a ball well, she is also able to move into attack easily. She is on the school team for both sports as well as representing the school at cross country. She is respected by her peers and is sensitve and caring of others. She demonstrates true grit and determination, aspiring to achieve as an individual and as a team.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Jo Luty
Hometown: Farnham Common
Age: 39
Nomination: It would be a fitting recognition of Jo's dedication to running a number of half marathons and the London marathon over the past couple of years if she were to be chosen as an Olympic torch bearer on behalf of Nature Valley.  Many years ago her husband used to ""encourage"" her (she would say nag) to do more exercise, predominantly because before children he used to exercise a lot, not because she was unfit!  It is amazing given the little free time she has that she has set a number goals and met every one of them.Jo's endeavours have had a very positive impact on her children, they understand more about health, well-being and striving for a goal and she has influenced not only her husband to keep up his running but also some of her friends to start running.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: John Eastwell
Hometown: Letchworth Garden City
Age: 80
Nomination: John has been a North Herts Bowls club member for over 17 years and has taken on the voluntary roles of Captain, Chairman and now Grounds keeper. In his last role, he spends around 20 hours a week cutting grass, digging and weeding. He was a key member of a group of volunteers who built two new patios around the green, which involved digging up many tons of earth. John was very dedicated and did about 2/3 of the digging along with mixing over ten tons of concrete and a ton of mortar to pave the patio and surrounding walls! Following the patios John has tackled the other area around the green and spends many hours on the upkeep of the flower beds, lawns and other grounds.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Kate Thomas
Hometown: St Albans
Age: 42
Nomination: Kate is a foster mum who takes in children others have rejected and gives them all the love and advantages she gives to her own children. She is also a youth worker in her local church, reaching out to kids in two local communities and running a youth group, Lyons Den, to help these young people. She is often seen driving a minibus around St Albans picking up people either for City church, Lyons Den youth group or toddler group She also set up a teenagers talkline, called City Care using a dedicated mobile phone and a support/counselling service in the aftermath of the sudden death of a young man who was a part of Lyons Den, the youth group she leads. Kate is in the process of setting up a young mums group and pregnancy support service for young families.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Michael Swain
Hometown: Luton
Age: 22
Nomination: Rifleman Michael Swain, 21, from 3rd Battalion The Rifles, lost both his legs in an IED explosion in Helmand Province in 2009. He is an incredibly active and determined young man. Despite his injuries, Michael leads a busy life and has taken part in a number of bike rides to raise money for charity and inspire fellow injured service personnel to not give up and to challenge themselves by giving back to the community. Later this year, Michael is taking part in SSAFA Forces Help's Ride of Britain and plans to cycle the entire route, 470 miles from Edinburgh to London, on a hand bike which he learned how to master as part of his rehabilitation.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Rebecca Andrews
Hometown: Luton
Age: 14
Nomination: Rebecca helps to look after her sister who has a rare medical conditionwhich is treated at great ormond street. She also suffers from psoriasis but always puts her sister first. She is a gifted and talented student who attends leaa manor high school. Her whole family is proud of her. She has raised over 2 thousand pounds for her sisters ward.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Riessen Hill
Hometown: Hertford
Age: 42
Nomination:  My brother Riessen told all of his friends and family at his 40th birthday that he was going to train as a 'Samaritan'. He wanted to feel that he was giving something back to his communtiy, as he had so many opportunites and wanted to say 'Thank-you' for them to help people that had not been as fortunate as himself. He volunteers at all different times which means he leaves family events early to get up for shifts at 6.00am and attends friends parties late as he works shifts at the weekend. He does all of this whilst working full-time as a director in his job where he is respected by everyone who meets him.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Ruth Bendle
Hometown: Hemel Hempstead
Age: 26
Nomination: In the seven years I've known Ruth, she's dealt with more than most do in a lifetime. Whilst at university and at only 20 years old she, along with her sister, was diagnosed with the same cancer which took her father only 2 years previous, and had also taken several other members of her family over the years. Not only did Ruth undergo a radical operation to save her life, but she came through the process with such admirable strength of character and now regularly gives up her time to work with Cancer Research UK speaking about her experiences to help others who face their own battle against the disease. I know that through this work she has helped people of all ages come to terms and get through some very difficult periods of their lives. Her ability to face up to the most terrible challenges life has thrown at her never ceases to amaze me.
Olympic Torch St Albans Name: Sarah Toll
Hometown: Hemel Hempstead
Age: 47
Nomination: Sarah was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and has undergone rigourous treatment, losing her hair in the process. She returned to work and entered an ever challenging environment, still with health issues. Alongside this, Sarah has been part of a huge staff engagement and motivation project, she has gone the extra mile both outside of the boundaries of her health constraints but also her role Sarahs positive attitude and outlook has shone through in her resilience to fighting her illness. In July 2010 she inspired runners in the Midnight Walk by completing the route herself. Her sense of humour and can do attitude have been a saviour in many difficult discussions and activities with staff which has brought about a significant culture change in the organisation.
London 2012 Olympic torch Name: Scott Marsh
Hometown: Penn
Age: 24
Nomination: I would like to nominate my son Scott Marsh, based on his dedication to self-improvement and his passion for helping others. At the age of 17 he weighed over his age in stones, tipping the scales at 17.5 stones with a 46 waist to match. Over a period of a year he lost 100lbs in weight and 16 from his waist. After leaving University he knew that his passion had the potential to influence others. He continued to study with fitness and nutrition experts in the UK and USA and qualified as a Strength and Conditioning coach. He has just started his own Personal Training company, as an ode to his own personal journey, but mainly to help people in a similar situation to his

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