Drug Dealer Jailed

8 March 2013, 12:34 | Updated: 8 March 2013, 12:41

A drug dealer from Luton who was caught with a hundred deals of heroin on him has been jailed for four years.

More Class A drugs were found when police raided Haroon Aziz's bedroom. They were hidden in a safe along with six mobile phones, Luton Crown Court heard on Friday.

The 24 year old from Summerfield Road in Luton pleaded guilty to four charges of possessing drugs with intent to supply and he was jailed for four years.

Beverley Cripps, prosecuting said on 26th December last year police were in Runley Road in Luton engaged on a different inquiry when they saw what they believed was drugs being dealt in an alleyway.

They stopped Aziz, and he immediately told them he had drugs on him. They found 100 deals of heroin and two mobile phones.

Officers then searched his bedroom and found more heroin, 76 deals of crack cocaine and a bag of cocaine. No value was given for the drugs that were found, but Miss Cripps described him as a 'significant dealer'.

Daniel Hart, defending said: "He had an outstanding drug debt which he could not meet and he was concerned about the repercussions."

He said he was working for a dealer to pay off the debt.

"He is extremely immature for his age and his parents have tried everything to wean him away from the pressures he faces."

Judge Richard Foster told Aziz: "Drug dealing is pernicious, drugs ruin lives. Young people who are full of hope experiment with them because they think it is cool but they quickly become addicted and the downward spiral begins

"The criminal courts have very little sympathy with those who involve themselves in drug dealing."