Dunstable Students Make Road Safety Film

21 May 2010, 12:18 | Updated: 21 May 2010, 13:05

A group of students from Manshead Upper School in Dunstable have won a script writing competition where the prize was to professionally make and star in their own film about road safety.

The competition invited students from across the county to participate in a script writing competition run by Bedfordshire and Luton Casualty Reduction Partnership as part of its ‘Belt up for Life’ campaign, to promote the importance of drivers and passengers wearing seat belts.

The winning script which has now been made into a film will be used as a road safety educational resource in schools in and beyond the county. The team also won £250 to be spent on road safety education resources for their school.

Year 12 drama students Elizabeth Cox and Danny Fullbrook were part of the script writing team and both really enjoyed the experience.

Danny's been telling Heart:

“The main focus of the script was the slogan ‘belt up for life’ so anything we did we had to remember the importance of this – if you don’t belt up you could die.”

Filming was done at school and Danny said the most exciting scenes were the crash scenes which they shot at night.

Student Elizabeth Cox explained:

 “We worked well together as a group and we each were able to write scenes in smaller groups which we then edited together. We all just worked together as a team to produce the script.”

Elizabeth also admits the prize of shooting their own film was a big motivating factor in getting the work done, mainly because shooting their own film was such an exciting idea.

The film ‘If only…’ has its first screening tonight at Dunstable Community Fire Station where the students, friends, family and officers from the emergency services are invited to come along and see the film.