Elderly Woman Attacked By Dog

27 February 2012, 14:02 | Updated: 27 February 2012, 14:14

An elderly woman was rushed to hospital after being attacked by a dog in front of dozens of shoppers on Saturday afternoon (25th Feb).

It happened at the Oval Shops in Stevenage just before midday. Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson, who attended the incident said: "On arrival the woman who we believe to be 74-years-old was being cared for by shop assistants and the public."
Gary added: "The woman was quickly assessed by paramedics and it was evident she sustained a significant injury to one of her legs. Following treatment, stabilisation and immobilisation at the scene, she was taken to an awaiting trauma team at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage for further care."

He also wants to thank the shopkeepers and passers-by who came to the woman's aid ''The lady was in quite a lot of pain and very distressed with what had gone on but the members of the public who came to her aid were really good and we'd like to thank them. They cared for her, they kept her warm until we got there and they even kept her spirits quite high when we were dealing with her on the floor. They were holding her hands and they did a really good job, good community spirit.''

A 38 year old man's been arrested and bailed by police pending further inquiries. The dog has been taken away by police awaiting further tests.