Electric shock treatment at L&D

Anyone needing electric shock treatment to help an irregular heart beat - can be seen TEN TIMES as fast at the Luton and Dunstable Hospital.

The L&D have pioneered a new system where a trained pharmacist can apply the cadio-treatment.
The method frees up time for the specialist.
Sandra Allen is thought to be the first Pharmacist in the world to be able to carry out the procedure.
Speaking to Heart, Mrs Allen says, "the most rewarding aspects of the role are direct patient care and receiving immediate feedback.   It all results in treating more patients faster before they get sicker".
Under the pioneering guidance of consultant cardiologist Neil Marcus, Mrs Allen works closely with an anesthetist and a nursing team and the atrial fibrillation clinic has a 97% success rate.  
Since setting the new system up, the waiting list for treatment has dropped from up to ONE YEAR - to just ONE WEEK.