Flat Fire Rescue

3 December 2012, 12:10 | Updated: 3 December 2012, 12:17

Six people have been rescued from a flat fire in Stevenage that firefighters think may have been started deliberately.

Hertfordshire Fire Service and the East of England Ambulance Service were called to a building on Ripon Road just after 7pm on Sunday 2 December 2012.

Fire crews found five terraced houses that were smoke logged.  Six people were rescued by the Fire Service.  A total of seven people were treated by paramedics.

East of England Ambulance spokesman Gary Sanderson, who attended the scene said: "Two adult males, three adult women and a young boy and girl were suffering the effects of smoke inhalation.

"Following assessments by paramedics and HART operatives, a man and a boy were taken to the Lister Hospital for further care."

An investigation's underway into the cause of the fire.  Early indications are that it is of 'doubtful origin' but it will be some time before firefighters are able to say whether the fire was started deliberately.