Geri's Tube Tips

14 March 2013, 12:09 | Updated: 14 March 2013, 12:13

Geri Halliwell has wound up Londoners by Tweeting what some have called 'ridiculously obvious' tips on how to use the Underground.

The former Spice Girl - who grew up in Watford - has described herself as feeling like "a Londoner'' after taking her first Tube journey in nearly two decades.

The 40-year-old Look At Me singer was so delighted with her short journey on the Piccadilly Line on Wednesday morning that she sent a series of tweets describing her experience - complete with tips on how to use the Underground.

Halliwell posted a picture of herself standing on the platform at Leicester Square, wearing a camouflage jacket and brown boots, with the message: "Not so bad!!''.

A photograph of her emerging on to the street at Piccadilly Circus - a journey that takes one minute, according to the Transport for London website's journey planner tool - then followed, with Halliwell writing: "Loved it!!i'm a Londoner! I'm liberated!!''.

The mother-of-one, who performed at last year's Olympics closing ceremony with the Spice Girls, put up another photograph of her sitting on the Tube, partly covering her face with a copy of the Financial Times, and apologised for taking so long to use public transport.

"Forgive me for being a brat:-after 17 years & yesterday's 2 hrs of traffic-lets save time & money-the tube!'', she wrote.

Halliwell then penned a series of tips to others not familiar with using the London Underground.

She wrote: "Tube tip - doors stops at platform entrance, or below sign, more seats at end carriage.oh & it's not smelly just saying.''

Twitter users were equally amused and bemused by the singer's messages.

@MissAnnebelleL asked: "Is Geri Halliwell going to explain how we top up our oysters next?''

@IncrediblyRich wrote: "Geri Halliwell spent a few minutes underground and is now tweeting ridiculously obvious tips as though we don't all ride the tube EVERY DAY.''

And @Done_Can said: "I'd love to see Geri Halliwell travel on the megabus. Wouldn't be so chipper then!''.