Help for World Cup Domestic Abuse Victims

With the football World Cup kicking off next week, police in Hertfordshire are raising awareness of the threat of increased domestic violence during the tournament.

Figures from the Home Office report that the 2006 Football World Cup revealed a 25% average increase in domestic violence on the five England match days in the tournament – with one in four offenders found to be under the influence of alcohol.

For the victims of domestic abuse, it’s a time of fear and worry about both their own and children’s safety, especially as, win or lose, heightened emotions fuelled by alcohol come into play and domestic violence attacks increase.

In Hertfordshire anyone who is suffering physical or mental abuse, or worried about their own behaviour towards their partner, can call the Hertfordshire Domestic Violence Helpline on 08088 088 088 which is open from Monday-Friday 10am-8pm. This free telephone helpline offers confidential advice, support and information to anyone suffering domestic violence or emotional abuse or is worried about a friend, colleague or family member. The number will not show up on your telephone bill.

The Sunflower Centre, based in Hertfordshire, offers advice, information and support for victims of domestic abuse, race or hate crime. They aim to ensure the safety of the victim and of their family, and to reduce their chances of becoming a victim again. Their services are free and are available to any individual of any age or gender, who is experiencing domestic violence or hate crime.

You can contact The Sunflower Centre on 01442 270679.

There is also help available for people who have committed abuse towards their partner and want to stop this behaviour and work towards a better future with their families. If you would like to be considered for the ‘Looking for Healthier Relationship?’ course, please email