Herts Police Launch New 101 Number

4 July 2011, 15:14 | Updated: 4 July 2011, 16:17

Police in Hertfordshire have released six hoax and inappropriate calls that have been made to them on the 999 number.

The calls, which have been released through Twitter and YouTube, have been made available to the public at the launch of a new non-emergency number.

101 is a new countrywide initiative that's going to be used by all forces by December. It's designed to make calls cheaper, easier and more efficient.

One call has a woman ringing 999 because she wanted a lift home from a party at South Mimms.

Another has a man calling 999 because he had fallen asleep on a train and needed a lift home.

Others have a man reporting a hoax robbery, a man ringing 999 because he had no credit on his mobile and claims that a man had been threatened with guns and knives, when he was not.

The sixth has a man dialling 999 claiming he is ringing to spend his tax money.