Hundreds Queue For Center Parcs Jobs

19 September 2012, 06:00 | Updated: 19 September 2012, 07:38

People were queuing out the door when an exhibition was staged about the new Center Parcs opening in Bedfordshire.

Representatives from the holiday park met with hundreds of local people interested in working for them when they open in 2014.

Center Parcs will have around 1,500 job vacancies at the Woburn Forest site near Flitwick.

People attending the exhibition at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick on Tuesday 18 September 2012 also met with local businesses like taxi firms, plumbers and electricians to talk about opportunities to work together.

Martin Dalby, Chief Executive of Center Parcs, says a close relationship with the people of Bedfordshire is going to be key:

"Centre Parcs is here for the long term, we've got a 99 year lease on this site so we're going to be around for a long long period of time and therefore working with the local community, employing local people, using local businesses for supplies and services is absolutely what we're all about"

Martin told Heart that whole area should get a boost from the opening of the Centre Parcs in Woburn because they'll be paying out around £40m in wages every year, money that will then be fed back into the local economy.

Martin says they particularly hope to help reduce the number of young unemployed people by targeting school and collage leavers.