Jail for prolific burlgar

30 November 2010, 06:00

A prolific burglar has been jailed for three and a half years for a 'staggering' 140 offences.

Aaron Evangelou broke into homes in Luton over the last 18 months to fund a crack cocaine and heroin addiction, Luton Crown Court heard.

The homeless man pleaded guilty to two domestic burglaries and asked for 138 offences to be taken into consideration on Monday (November 29th).

All but three of them were burglaries or attempted burglaries, said prosecutor Edward Lewis.

Dominic Lewis defending said 23 year old Evangelou wanted to 'wipe his slate clean' so that on his release he can make a fresh start and break his offending cycle.

The prosecutor said that Evangelou broke into a bungalow in Buchanan Drive, Luton on August 24th this year in the early hours while the occupants were asleep.

A neighbour had seen him behaving suspiciously and called police who arrested him nearby. He was granted bail but in October was re arrested on suspicion of a burglary at Ramsey Close, Luton, where three lap tops, two cameras and cash was taken.

"It was then he began to tell the truth and said there were other offences he wished to clear up. He was driven round Luton by police to identify the houses," said Mr. Edward Lewis.

His defence barrister said: "The principle cause of his offending is his drug addiction, his lack of employment and having no stable accommodation, but that of course is no consolation to the victims of the burglaries.

"This is a staggering level of offending but many of the offences would not have been traced back to him.

"He wants to come out of prison clean and return to Cyprus where his father will exert some paternal influence on him."

Recorder Martin Oldham told Evangelou: "You have obviously got yourself into a difficult cycle. You come out of custody and meet up with old colleagues and the cycle starts again."