Kate Middleton Buys Hertfordshire Dress

8 March 2013, 06:00

The Duchess of Cambridge has recently been seen buying a dress by the Hatfield based company Lovestruck.

She picked up the cream, floral print dress during a shopping spree in Topshop where Lovestruck have a concession.

The dress cost the future Queen just £37 and despite being around 5 months pregnant with her first child, its not designed for maternity wear.

It does however have an elasticated middle and Charlie Scott-Finnigan, who is Head of Sales for Lovestruck, thinks it will look great on her:

"Its a classic style, looks good on all body shapes, obviously she's got a little bump coming so I think it will be a great fit on her"

Sales of the dress have since gone through the roof

Charlie says they've had over 500 orders just for that dress and hits to their website have soared:

"It’s excellent, obviously the profile for us as a small company is fantastic its going to help fourfold I'm sure and yes one of the most beautiful, watched women in the world now wearing it will be fantastic"